Northside Business Park Opportunities

The Northside Business Park (NBP) offers municipal-serviced lands ready for your business. It is located in the North Sydney/Sydney Mines area, in an area highlighted by both industrial and commercial uses. These lands are zoned to allow for a wide range of usages, from general Industrial uses to limited Commercial and Services related uses. Currently, the Northside Business park hosts 148 acres (18Lots) available for sale. Lots range from under 1 acre to 91 acres.


The Northside Business Park is located in the North Sydney/Sydney Mines area of the Cape Breton
Regional Municipality. North Sydney is an important port in Atlantic Canada. It acts as the marine link for
the Trans-Canada Highway to Newfoundland and is the gateway to all trucked cargo to and from
Newfoundland through Marine Atlantic. There are a variety of commercial property and land options for
businesses and investors. with flexible business park lots and sizing.

  • Location: North Sydney / Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia
  • Industries: Agricultural (Partially), Manufacturing, Recreation, Sales, Services (Partially), Transportation and Utility (Partially).
  • Services: Municipal water and wastewater, 3 phase power, internet and telecommunications
  • Investment type: Direct development, land purchase
  • Tax incentive through Development Support program
  • Planning zoning: Northside Business Park (NBP) Zone

How To Purchase a Lot in the Northside Business Park

Purchasing a lot in the Northside Business Park is a simple process, starting with selecting the lot you are interested in from the listings below. Click here for full details on the steps to this process, links to important regulations, copies of our standard agreements, and the application to purchase a lot. 

Lot pricing and availability

Lot & PIDProperty SizeListed Price
Lot 2-20 PID#158959802.7 acres$20,250
Lot 3-20 PID#158959983.3 acres$24,750
Lot 4-20 PID#158960042.6 acres$19,500
Lot 5-20 PID#158960121.9 acres$14,250
Lot 6-20
2.3 acres$17,250
Lot 7-20 PID#158960382 acres$15,000
Lot 8-20 PID#15896046
2 acres$15,000
Lot 9-20
2 acres$15,000
Lot 10-20 (portion)
4.4 acres$33,000
Lot 10-20 (portion)
1.6 acres$12,000
Lot 13-20 PID#158959720.9 acres$6,750
Lot 14-20 PID#158959640.9 acres$6,750
Lot 15-20 PID#15895956 0.9 acres$6,750
Lot 16-20

0.7 acres$5,250
Lot 17-20 PID#158959312 acres$15,000
Lot 18-20 PID#158959232 acres$15,000
Lot 19-20

1.3 acres$9,750
Lot 20-20
(pending review)
23.5 acresPrice will be negotiated
PID#1579363191 acresPrice will be negotiated

Click above lots to download the appropriate Cut Sheet for that property.


If you would like to inquire further about current lots, please contact Lan Zheng, CBRM Economic Development Officer, at 902-217-3065 or

Need more information, assistance, or support?  The Cape Breton Partnership works on behalf of all Municipalities and First Nations in Cape Breton – Unama’ki and can connect you to the tools or information you need. Contact us today or explore our database of business supports at

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Last Modified: May 3, 2024