Welcome Network
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The Cape Breton Welcome Network is a constellation of local, volunteer-led Welcome Groups made up of established Cape Bretoners eager to share their passion for Cape Breton – Unama’ki with newcomers.  

If you are new to Cape Breton – or if you’d like to help welcome those who are – please read on! 

About the Welcome Network 

Launched in 2020, the Cape Breton Welcome Network is designed to support Cape Breton communities do one of the things they do best: welcome. The Network is comprised of a growing number of Welcome Groups, spread all around the Island and led by enthusiastic community volunteers. These volunteer Welcomers are people who are well-connected and very familiar with their communities – their histories, their great local activities and their hidden gems 


The Welcome Network plays a coordinating role – supporting these groups with the tools and resources they need to thriveThe Welcome Network also works to make sure that every newcomer to Cape Breton knows how to reach the nearest Welcome Group. 


The welcoming activities of each group are different – customized to best suit each community and each newcomer. Common activities might include: a welcoming phone call, meeting for coffee, delivering welcome baskets, offering community tours  


*At this time, all Welcome Groups are asked to adhere to public health and safety measures related to COVID-19 to ensure that all Welcomers and newcomers are safe in their activities.

Connect with a Welcome Group today! 

If you are new to Cape Breton or if you would like to learn how to become a Welcomer, please reach out to the Welcome Group nearest you:  

Judique Welcome Group 

Chair: Dena MacKinnon  

902 787-2110



CBRM Welcome Group 

Chair: Megan Ringer 



St.Peter’s and Area Welcome Group 

Chair: Megan Watt 




Louisdale Welcome Group

Chair: Jacqueline Landry


Port Hood Welcome Group 

Chair: Maggie MacDonald / Linda MacMillan

902-615-3670 / 902-579-4657

macdonald.m@hotmail.com / lmacmillan1956@gmail.com


Chéticamp Welcome Group 

Co-Chairs Heather Davis and  

Velvet Mattinnia 




Victoria County Welcome Group 

Chair: Perla MacLeod 




Inverness Welcome Group

Chair: Rose Mary MacDonald


If your Cape Breton community doesn’t have a Welcome Group yet and you are interested in helping to form one, please email welcomenetwork@capebretonpartnership.com. 


The Welcome Network stems from the extensive efforts of and continues to work closely with the Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership. 

Why Welcoming Matters 

The Cape Breton Welcome Network is about enriching our communities. We believe that communities are healthier, happier and more productive when newcomers are welcomed and can fully participate in society and in the local economy. The Cape Breton Partnership recognizes that immigration will continue to play a key role in the economic future of Cape BretonUnama’ki and we want newcomers to feel welcomed and included in our communities. 

The Cape Breton Welcome Network is an initiative of the Cape Breton Partnership and supported by Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. 

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the Cape Breton Partnership has put together a list of helpful resources.

Find more information here.
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