Local Media


  • There are several daily newspapers published throughout the region all published by Saltwire Network. In Cape Breton, local residents have access to both The Cape Breton Post and The Chronicle Herald through SaltWire Network.
  • The Inverness Oran is a weekly publication that provides news coverage for the Municipality of the County of Inverness.
  • The Reporter is a weekly publication, which provides news coverage for the Municipalities of the Counties of Inverness & Richmond, the Town of Port Hawkesbury, and the remainder of the Strait Area region of Mainland Nova Scotia.

Radio Stations

A variety of radio stations are available across the Island, and your access to these stations depends on your location and the strength of your radio signal receiver. The following is a list of available stations:

National News

The internet is a great resource in accessing Canadian and international news. These sites also offer sections that focus on news local to Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. These national news sources include, among others: 

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Last Modified: October 1, 2021