The Braun Family

"Belonging to me means you’re part of the community. You walk outside of your door, and everyone is greeting you, a quick chat here and there, and that means you belong somewhere." - Roman Braun-Huettner

Meet the Braun Family: Roman, Gabriele, Henrik, Linus, and their pup, Nelson

The road from Austria to Baddeck, Cape Breton began in 2019 for the Braun family, when they came to Canada for a four-week visit.   They had planned on visiting multiple places, instead they spent the entire month in Baddeck.  They returned the next year, and their connection to the area—and its people—just grew stronger.   Living abroad was always part of their plan, and things seemed to fall into place in Baddeck. When Covid hit however, they decided to go  home, and had the U-Haul packed and ready to go. Coffee on the deck that morning changed their minds however, and the decision to stay was made. Gaby now works the Director of Programming and Development at BOLD Centre while her husband Roman, a Human Services Manager, works at Breton Brewery.  Their two sons—Henrik and Linus–have settled in, thanks to hockey and some good friends.  Gaby says many asked why they left Europe to come to Cape Breton. “When you tell them how beautiful it is, they can embrace it too.    The opportunity for young families to have children to grow up on an Island, where they can be so free, is very appealing.”  

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