Cape Breton – Unama’ki is spectacular in every season. With warm summers, breathtaking autumns, crisp winters, and pleasant springs, the Island will steal your heart. All these attributes and more make this a great place to visit and an even better place to live. In 2020, Condé Nast Traveler voted Cape Breton the #1 Island in North America.

Whether the sun is blazing, the fall leaves are crunching around your feet or the snow is falling, exciting activities for all seasons exist across the Island. By the calendar, Cape Breton – Unama’ki has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

For a helpful guide on what to expect during your first winter in Cape Breton – Unama’ki, download this guide.

Spring can still bring snow and cooler temperatures. The warmer weather tends to start in late May or early June, with the summer solstice occurring on June 21st. Portions of hurricanes occasionally reach the Island, during the months of August, September, and October. Those weather systems are generally weak by the time they reach here, however they can still bring heavy rain and strong winds.

To learn more about the climate and seasons on Cape Breton Island, visit Environment Canada.

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Last Modified: December 6, 2022