Balanced Lifestyle

Cape Breton Island is continuously celebrated for its natural beauty, and is ranked among the top Islands in the world and the number one Island in North America. After a busy day working, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Island, with a beach never further than a 30-minute drive.   In addition to our beautiful beaches, there’s terrific culinary experiences to be had with live music theatre, beautiful cycling routes, walking trails, crafts, farmers’ markets – all nestled in warm and friendly communities.

Destination Cape Breton outlines many popular hikes, beaches, and other “must-dos” around the Island. Bookmark this website for future adventure planning. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic many people discovered what it’s like to work from home. Doing that in Cape Breton – with so many exciting possibilities at your doorstep – allows for more invigorating lunch breaks, early morning walks and well-earned evening adventures. 

With the balanced lifestyle offered on this small but mighty Island, you will never be bored or without ample sources of inspiration, awe and wonder.

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Last Modified: July 16, 2021