Welcoming Ideas Bank

Little actions can make a big difference.

We’re compiling a list of simple, everyday action ideas here – actions that almost anyone can take to help someone who is new to the community feel welcome and included. Together, actions like these add up to a community where it’s easier to feel like you belong.

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Here are few small actions that can help make Cape Breton-Unama’ki more welcoming for newcomers:

  • join your local Welcome Group and/or spread the word about the Cape Breton Welcome Network!
  • greet someone who is alone at an event
  • be patient with language barriers
  • offer a welcoming smile
  • learn a few words in another language
  • speak sincerely
  • use your connections in the community to help newcomers find volunteer and employment opportunities
  • offer gifts to new neighbours – flowers, garden vegetables, muffins – any small gesture
  • introduce new friends to old friends
  • take time to learn a newcomer’s name, and the proper way to pronounce it
  • follow through when we invite new friends out
  • initiate conversations with folks on the playground or at community gatherings
  • examine biases
  • offer to show a newcomer around the community and help them find the services they need (check out our newcomer service map to get better acquainted with available services)
  • listen actively
  • offer contact information to a newcomer in case they need something
  • share information about how local services like garbage collection, day cares, and libraries work. Point them to welcometocapebreton.ca to learn more!
  • give shopping tips
  • encourage family and friends to attend multicultural events
  • offer to practice English or French with someone who is learning
  • give tips on where to find information on local events (newspapers, community bulletins, social media pages, etc.)
  • if you speak another language, let local settlement organizations know that you’re available for translation support
  • encourage your children to talk and play with newcomers in their class
  • invite newcomers to community events like parades, festivals, community meals, and concerts
  • invite newcomers to visit local museums and parks with you
  • encourage newcomers to join local volunteer boards
  • find opportunities to receive training in intercultural competency
  • connect new immigrants with your friends and colleagues who have similar professional backgrounds
  • encourage people you know to join the Connector Program!
  • talk to your family and friends about the benefits of immigration

Thanks to The World in Burnaby and the Bow Valley Immigration Partnership for helping to inspire this list!

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Last Modified: December 10, 2021