Pritika Dadhich

“I was a stranger and still people accepted me with open arms and trusted me. I feel welcome, loved and safe here,” says Pritika.

Pritika Dadhich wanted to study Public Health, and was accepted to study at a University in Toronto and in Cape Breton. She chose Cape Breton. While she prefers smaller communities, Pritika is still amazed at how well-connected people are here, that everyone seems to know everyone else! She is also surprised and grateful at the fact that when help is needed, there are people willing to provide it.  

Pritika says ACAP Cape Breton helped her to settle in her community, both physically and mentally. She says the winters, finding shopping and transportation were challenging. ACAP truly helped her to navigate these, and find her way on her own.  

Pritika is amazed by the stunning beauty of the Island, but is most impressed by its people. “I was a stranger and still people accepted me with open arms and trusted me. I feel welcome, loved and safe here,” says Pritika. 

While the beauty of the Island is something Pritika appreciates, she urges others to do the same. “I was a trashformer last summer and helped clean up the community. It is my humble request to all of the people living here to stop littering. It is a beautiful Island and we can make it more beautiful if we work together,” says Pritika. She believes that together we can solve problems and make this Island welcoming for everyone.  

Pritika wants to help others settle in the future. To those thinking of coming here, she says there are thousands of opportunities. “If you’re hardworking and a dreamer, you can achieve anything on this beautiful Island,” says Pritika. For her part, she wants to extend her gratitude to Cape Bretoners. “I’d like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the love and affection. I want to welcome new people with open arms in this place of new opportunities,” says Pritika.

We have no doubt others will be extending their gratitude to you Pritika, and we’re glad you chose Cape Breton!

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