Katrin (Kat) & Joachim (Jo) Lucks-Stolley

"We have found jobs where we can contribute our skills, experience, and abilities to the Canadian working world."

Meet Katrin (Kat) and Joachim (Jo) Lucks-Stolley, a dynamic duo who ventured from Germany to Cleveland, Unama’ki – Cape Breton in 2021, defying the conventional narratives of immigration. With ages surpassing 55 and 60, their journey encountered limited immigration programs tailored to their personal and professional backgrounds. Despite the challenges, both have successfully navigated their paths towards immigration.

Katrin, driven by her passion for cooking and baking, completed the Culinary Skills study program at NSCC in June 2023. Now, she works as a cook in a 4-star hotel with an on-site restaurant. Joachim, on the other hand, embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, establishing his own business specialising in woodworks, construction, and maintenance.

In Katrin’s words, “We are extremely grateful to call Cape Breton our new hometown. Surrounded by a circle of reliable and trustworthy people from Canadian, German, and other origins, we have found jobs where we can contribute our skills, experience, and abilities to the Canadian working world. We are blessed with friendly, helpful employers, co-workers, and, above all, satisfied customers – an invaluable aspect in this phase of life.”

Kat and Jo embody the spirit of embracing change, following their passions, and contributing meaningfully to their new community in Cape Breton. Their journey exemplifies that age is no barrier to pursuing dreams and finding fulfilment in a new place to call home.

Katrin’s journey in Cape Breton took another meaningful turn in 2024 when she joined the Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) with the Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership (CBLIP). Drawing from her firsthand lived experience, Katrin helps provide the newcomer lens on working group action plans overall CBLIP direction. Additionally, she is an active member of the CBLIP Community Belonging Working Group, further demonstrating her commitment to enhancing the sense of belonging for immigrants in Cape Breton.

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