Finding Employment

Job Search

If you have the time, it is a good idea to start looking for employment before you graduate. This may give you valuable Canadian work experience that you can retain or use to find further employment in Cape Breton-Unama’ki. 

There are many employers island-wide who are looking for employees to fill their labour gaps. These employers are in a wide variety of industries, from tourism to manufacturing to health care.  

To start your job search, visit the Cape Breton Job Board

More information can be found at Work in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Connector Program

Networking is a valuable part of finding employment. Since more than 70 per cent% of jobs are filled through network and not advertisements, it is important to get out in the community. The Cape Breton Connector Program connects newcomers and new graduates with business leaders in their industry. This can help you grow your network and find opportunities you may not find otherwise.

If you are interested in joining the Connector Program, contact

If you are considering studying in Cape Breton-Unama’ki there are some terrific options available and a rich and diverse experience awaits you in beautiful Cape Breton-Unama’ki.

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Last Modified: July 19, 2021