Quality of Life
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Quality of Life

Cape Breton Island offers endless possibilities for year-round enjoyment. Whether you like hiking, beachcombing, golfing or just unwinding alongside the ocean, it is a perfect place for relaxation, adventure, and inspiration.


According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the median housing cost for a single detached unit in Cape Breton 2012 is $220,000. These prices are considerably lower compared to Halifax, where the median housing cost for a single detached unit is $379,900.


Cape Breton has more than 56 elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as 185 adult education centres, including an aboriginal education center. For post-secondary, there are 2 universities and 3 colleges, including a french language college.

Health Care

There are two health authorities who are responsible for 11 hospitalsin Cape Breton, as well as seven Community Health Boards.

There are over 4,100 healthcare employees providing care to approximately 281,600 patient visits through emergency, ambulatory care and admissions every year.


Cape Breton is also ranked in the top third of “Canada’s Best Places to Live” in 2008 based on the crime rate.


The beauty of Cape Breton is displayed in every season. Cape Breton enjoys warm summers, breath-taking autumns, crisp, cool winters and a pleasant spring.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the Cape Breton Partnership has put together a list of helpful resources.

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